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Verve Marketing London
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Look up Verve in the dictionary and it will say great vitality and liveliness.

Combine that with a wealth of experience and the skills to react with effective marketing strategies, and that's us.

We understand healthcare professionals and how they interact with their patients.

We are Verve.

Our Clients

Boots sun tints folder

A sample lens folder showcasing the range of new prescription sun tint lenses in Boots opticians.

adaptive lenses

An innovative video folder to drive awareness and generate a response from opticians. Responders received a set of POS material.

Transitions recommendation videos

A series of 12 short videos to educate opticians on various features, benefits and recommendation routes. Output in 5 European languages.

Try Lash by Eylure

An app that allows consumers to experience different lash styles before they buy.

CoaguGame by Roche Diagnostics

Consumer facing smartphone and website game. Teaches some of the self-monitoring benefits that warfarin patients can benefit from in a fun and engaging way.

Frontline by Merial

Illustrated flea, tick and worm online and offline training for pharmacy and veterinary professionals.

Nurofen Express

Demonstrated how muscles in the head and neck are the source of most headaches and provided treatment guidelines. Included a detail aid, training guide and trade advert.

rbforhealth Winter all wrapped up

Pharmacy training guide on cold, flu and other common winter ailments, highlighting pharmacy’s role in antibiotic stewardship.

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